The Hague Street Art Tour

Your free guide through The Hague’s largest public gallery

These Street Art Tours will guide you through The Hague’s city district Segbroek that contains up to 40 large street art works in public space and the Binckhorst street art District. Local, national and international artists painted these diverse works between 2009 and 2015, turning this district into the largest public gallery of The Hague.

The Hague Street Art, along with Gemeentemuseum and the city council realized a project where 2000 square meters of walls and electricity houses were spray-painted with street art to prevent illegal graffiti, posters and vandalism. This project helped the city district to become a cleaner, safer and more colorful environment for their residents.

On the Street Art Binckhorst route you can admire a variety of murals by local, national and international Street Art artists, sometimes in surprising places. Art has been applied to the walls of buildings, transformer houses, the pillars, lobby, elevator and rooms of the Teleport Hotel and in the prayer chapel at St. Barbara cemetery. The Street Art accentuates the raw edge of this innovative neighborhood in development. In setting it up, we collaborated with DPZ/Meldpunt Graffiti, companies/entrepreneurs and other users and residents of the Binckhorst.

Find out more about these unique art works, the artists, background, making process and cultural agenda on this website.

Would you like more information about The Hague Street Art? The platform for professional Street Art and Graffiti artists in The Hague region and the place where you can go with questions about legal practice areas, tours, workshops, commissions, exhibitions, etc. Than take a look at www.thehaguestreetart.nl 

We hope you will enjoy taking this tour and appreciate the art that would normally be found hidden away in alleyways and tunnels.

See you on the streets! 

Binckhorst tour kaart.

You can download your own copy of the Binckhorst tour card here.

How does it work?

The Hague Street Art Tour can be visited on this website on smart phone, tablet or pc, with a printed map or with a personal guide. 

Tour Website
Go to the Homepage or mobile website and choose one of the tours or select wich artworks you would like to visit. Follow the blue line and discover the artworks on your tour. Look below for free WIFI spots in the area!

The Hague Street Art Website
More information about the artists, different Street Art projects from The Hague, Street Art news, etc can be found on the The Hague Street Art website.

Contact us to book a personal guide for the ultimate experience!

Unfortunately, with the current corona measures regarding outdoor space, the options for guided tours are limited.

When conditions improve, we will schedule tours again, do you want to stay informed? Please leave your contact details via: info@thehaguestreetart.nl

Free THSA magazine

Our free magazine is available online or via the locations below:
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De Galerie Den Haag
Noordeinde 69

De Gekke Geit 
Lutherse Burgwal 5

B-Aparthotel Kennedy 
Stadhoudersplantsoen 16

Prinsegracht 51 


Prinsestraat 70

Escher in het Paleis
Lange Voorhout 74

Spui 68

Easy Hotel
Parkstraat 31

Torenstraat 37

Prinsegracht 12

Spui 191

Hype Kappers
Prinsestraat 4

Bagels & Beans

Pietheinplein 3
Spui 40
Plaats 21

Haags Hip Hop Centrum (H3C)

Van der Kunstraat 12

Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5


Wijn en Kunst
Weimarstraat 24a

Papanatos Tattoos
Weimarstraat 32

Headz for Hair
Weimarstraat 48A

Bagels & Beans
Thomsonlaan 53

Theater de Nieuwe Regentes
Weimarstraat 63

Van Bylandstraat 93 (op de hoek van Weimartstraat) 

Weimarstraat 102 

Bibliotheek Segbroek
Weimarstraat 353

Fahrenheitstraat 685


Bagels & Beans

Aert van der Goesstraat 2

Stadhouderslaan 43


Skatepark Sweatshop
Binckhorstlaan 271

Kompaan Beer Bar
Saturnusstraat 55

Fokkerkade 18


Theater en Filmhuis Dakota
Zuidlarenstraat 57

Bibliotheek Escamp
Leyweg 811


Noordwal 17


Cultuurburea Acku
Johanna Westerdijkplein 75


Soestdijksekade 345


Auto de Boer

Televisiestraat 208



Go Gallery
Marnixstraat 127

Montanashop Henxs
Sint Antoniesbreestraat 138

O.D Gallery
Singel 395